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The 0-6 Pack Abs by Dr. Vegher & Bramlett Review

If you’ve watched the sales videos about the 0-6-Pack Abs program but still can’t decide whether it is legit or not, we’ve got you covered. (If you haven’t, watch this video.)

Without a doubt, there are many bodybuilding programs online that do not work. Weeding through these products can be daunting. The fact is there are few effective products out that deliver what they promise in their sales page. I’m happy to report that 0-6 Pack Abs is one of them.

In this review, we will tell you all you need to know about 0-6 Pack Abs to decide whether or not 0-6 Pack Abs is the right fitness solution for you. Let’s start this review…

What is 0-6 Pack Abs?

0-6-Pack Abs is a step-by-step training program created by Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Veger to help us achieve rock-solid six packs abs with a simple, effective strategy called “Basic Core Activation Techniques.”

0-6 Pack Abs is divided into 2 phrases.

  • First phrase: intends to help you build a stronger fitness (endurance, strength, etc.) and is broken down into 4 levels. You will learn the famous activation core techniques that will re-program your core muscles and build those six packs as fast as humanly possible. The 4 levels are delivered in manuals, videos, and MP3.
  • Second phrase: builds off of the first phrase and requires your complete focus and efforts as it intensifies your regular workouts. You will learn the “Micro Progression Technology” delivered in 56 core workout videos. These videos are the best routines you will ever learn to build strong, sexy six pack abs. Best of all? These workouts only take 2-8 (quality) minutes.

Meet the authors

Dr. James Vegher has been working as a physical therapist for over 22 years. Dr. Vegher’s primary research has been to figure out a variety of basic core workouts that burn more body fat. Dr. Veger has helped his patients get rid of excess weight to prevent physical complications such as back pains.

Tyler Bramlett is a fitness celebrity known as Garage Warrior. Tyler is a famous fitness trainer who shares workout techniques and diet tips on his website, GarareWarrior.com. Tyler has created three fitness plans which had various celebrities and trainers happily endorsed.

More importantly, Tyler is the creator of Basic Core Activation Techniques. Together with Dr. Vegher, 0-6 Pack Abs was born. 0-6 Pack Abs program has helped thousands around the world burn belly fat, shape their bodies and live healthily.

Who is 0-6-Pack Abs intended for?

The 0-6-Pack Abs program is designed to work for both men and women of all fitness levels. You will find 0-6 Pack Abs useful because it covers the foundation of proper exercises as well as the advanced techniques to multiply the results.


  • Works for men and women – Most fitness programs you will find on the internet are often designed for men only. Tyler has successfully incorporated routines that will work for women and men to build toned, attractive muscles without looking bulky. If you want gymnast body or yoga body, 0-6 Pack Abs is for you.
  • Easy to follow – Tyler and Dr. Vegher design the program in such a way that you see results, regardless of your fitness level. The first phrase is specifically targeted beginners and is essential for building core muscles. Unless you are a seasoned personal trainer, you will learn more than a few tips to improve your routines and accelerate results.
  • Learn from the fitness experts – Tyler is a well-respected personal trainer in the fitness industry. Dr. Vegher has 22 years of accumulated wisdom. 0-6 Pack Abs is not only Doctor Approved, but it is also created by a doctor.
  • Works with other exercises – You can include the newly learned routines with any of your existing workout plans. 0-6 Pack Abs is designed to burn belly fat and define core muscles. Include them in your routine, and you will start seeing visible abs within a few weeks.
  • It’s guaranteed to work for you – Full 60 days 100% money back guarantee. You get to see the full product and test out his training for full 60 days without any risk. If 0-6 Pack Abs do not work for you for any reason, ask for a refund by sending one ‘Request Refund’ email.


It’s not for everyone… but I think you can be the judge of that. Because even though you have the exact blueprint to get the sexy six pack abs, you have to put in the time and honest efforts – at least 3 days a week. The Basic Core Activation Techniques in phrase one will only take 10-15 minutes. The Micro Progression Technology workouts in phrase 2 take about 2-8 minutes.

You will have to manage your schedule to commit to work for those strong abs you have always dreamed of. If you don’t manage this minimum time, then it is NOT FOR YOU! The program will work, only if you allow it to work.

Final verdict – Is it a scam?

If you have tried other programs but don’t see substantial results, maybe it’s time to change it up. 0-6 Pack Abs is a credible training program vouched by thousands of people. This is the LAST advanced abs workout training you’ll ever need. With the $39 one-time-access, it is worth investing in yourself – every single penny. It is especially a no-brainer with the 60-day money back guarantee policy. You are not risky a penny. And please – try it out for the full 60 days before deciding one way or another. If you want to get results from the 0-6 Pack Abs, then stick with it till the end. I promise you will not regret it.

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