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The 3 Week Diet By Brian Flatt Review

Most people find it quite difficult to follow specific plans of diet or gym routines strictly. Perhaps this is because these methods consume lots of time, require lots of stamina and strength but offer very slow results. However, with the 3 Week Diet at your disposal, this could be a thing of the past. Brian Flatt, after extensive research and study were able to design an essential 3 Week Diet plan ideal for the individuals who are anxious to realize a faster and a perfect result with straightforward steps and patterns within just 21 days.

No One Wants to Waste Time on Diet after Diet

If this sounds familiar, then welcome to The 3 Week Diet! Just as the name suggests, this is an effective diet and exercise program designed to get the lifelong healthy and hot body you deserve in just three weeks. And it has nothing to do with magical supplements or any fad or gimmick. You only need the good old fashioned healthy eating and exercises. It’s simple. So be prepared and committed to get on well with the intensive diet plan.

Motivation is one of the key players in staying focused on a particular food. It is the driving reason why most individuals fail to achieve weight loss related goals. However, this exclusive diet and exercise plan is engineered for the fastest results, so I doubt you will get that time to fall off the wagon.

The Creator of the 3 Week Diet

brianThe author of the diet is Brian Flatt. Brian is a certified trainer, a speaker, an author, and a certified sports nutritionist. He has been in the fitness industry for over fifteen years. He also runs a REV fitness, his personal studio for fitness located in Southern California.

Brian is a degree holder specializing in Biology, from the University of San Diego. In summary, he is a reliable individual, with vast experience in weight loss management.

What is the 3 Week Diet System all about?

Probably you have known that this is an extensive three-week workout plan and diet. With its discrete components, you will be able to change into an entirely new lifestyle. This new lifestyle not only enables you to burn those unwanted calories but also helps you to keep it off altogether.

To be more precise, the diet plan includes proper food within a certain meal plan, and this implies that you don’t have to subject your body to any form of pills.

The primary goal of the 3 Week Plan is to aid you to lose as much weight as possible within these three weeks, so that you may realize fast results and remain motivated so as to reach your desired weight loss goal. You can download the diet program as an ebook, and it contains ninety-six pages of content, including useful images.

What’s Included in The 3 Week Diet plan?




The program comprises the following parts:

  • The Diet Plan
  • The Exercise Plan
  • The Willpower, Motivation & Mindset

Now let us examine in details, all the three components.

The Diet Plan

This is an essential part of the plan and is segmented into the following four phases, with different elements.

sleepdrink4Phase One: (Day 1 to 7)

This first phase functions magically, and you’ll start losing lots of pounds, usually around five to ten pounds or even more. Strictly following this program during this period guarantees you massive weight loss. The phase works by cleansing the entire system of yours, most specifically the liver, which is believed to be full of certain toxins which are blocking your system from burning the fat. Once your body has been detoxified, it is a perfect condition and place to burn the fat.

The plan offers a comprehensive explanation of the particular type of food you are allowed to eat. Brian recommended Vitamins D, A and E to detoxify your liver, enhance your hormonal imbalance and increase the sensitivity of the insulin. In the phase, you find a list of seventeen vegetables and seven protein sources. Also, Brian provided a detailed explanation of how best you can prepare the foods, plus a further well-thought timetable that analyses your diet within this phase. As a user, you must strictly follow the step before jumping into the next one, for the seven days.

Phase Two: (Day 8)

This phase is just a twenty-four hour fast. Fasting is the safest and natural method of burning fat. Once your body has undergone detoxification, it is in the best shape to burn fat, and fasting ensures that your body remains in the fat burning environment for the specified period. This implies that you should start fasting from the last meal of your seventh day until the dinner of the eighth day. You are allowed to consume anything you love in your eighth-day dinner. However, you must make sure that you don’t consume too much of the carbs.

Phase Three: (Day 9 to 11)

To be more precise, this stage is referred to as the Fat Phase. Within these days, you will stick to the recommended assigned calorie, while focusing on having at least eighty percent of the calories from fat. Various experts have confirmed that in fact, this is a very low calorie, a high fat tactic that helps to shed lots of fat within a very short time.

This does not come easy, though, but don’t get worried, as Brian has provided you with a comprehensive list of the ideal fat sources, how the foods are prepared plus the amounts of calories you should take, for both women and men. Also provided is a sample feeding plan.

Phase Four: (Day 12 to 21)

Gradually, you will start eating regularly toward the latter stages of this plan, compared to the previous fourteen days. Precisely, you are you’ll first have to determine your unique BMR and after that consume calories according to that BMR. If you don’t know how to calculate your BMR, worry less because, the author, Brian, provided the calculations, in US estimations and metric structure. Women and men have separate estimates. After knowing your BMR, you will figure out how to formulate a low-calorie plan of diet; that is based on that particular BMR of yours.

The Exercises

butt_exercises_3The diet alone can make you burn off the stubborn fat in a relatively short duration. The exercise program can double the results. Most diet programs fail because they are not always correctly complimented with the type of workout necessary to make it efficient. In workouts, fat loss is always due to the intensity of the section, not necessary the duration. With the three-week exercise plan, the exercises are just about 20-30 minutes a day for three weeks, in a span of one week.

The exercises in the course incorporate cardio exercises and resistance training, which are ideal for stirring up your metabolism, hence causing your body to burn more fat off.

The three-week exercise plan contains four core activities, including Goblet Squat, Dumbbell inclines Bench Press, Bent-over Row, and Dumbbell Upright Row.

For you to do all this effectively, you should have at least two dumbbells plus a bench. You can either hit the gym or do it right at the comfort of your home. Brian includes detailed instructions on what to do, from how to go about the workouts to the number of the reps and sets.

The resistance exercises help burn twice as many calories as cardio workouts. This is because, with strength exercises, you potentially burn via the glycogen in your muscles faster, causing the body to start burning fat for energy. The Goblet Squat is one of the greatest fat burning workouts. This particular squat builds fast muscles, by incorporating over 250 muscles. The more muscles you include, the more active you become metabolically. Also, the bigger the muscles involved, the more the benefits.

The Goblet Squat entails your glutes, the quads, and the hamstrings. These are some of the largest muscles in your body. And since you get all of them involved, you ignite your metabolism, burn excess fat and build new, leaner muscles. The book also contains additional exercises on how you can work out the abdominal muscles.

Important note: Never skip these workouts! These exercises have helped the previous users to lose that extra weight, which they would not have lost with just the diet alone. They provide you with the extra kick necessary for propelling you to shed off more fat.

The Willpower, Mindset, and Motivation

thumbnail-6041bedba661f4451b6fd90d607b5d4cMindset and motivation is a crucial chapter in this program. Brian explains the importance of how individuals feel throughout their respective journeys of weight loss.

The chapter is an eye-opener. It helps drive away some reoccurring and certain myths about willpower, which hinders the hope and the success of most individuals. The motivation and mindset phase comes with lots of practical motivational and mindset tips, tools, tricks and secrets. These will not only keep the fire burning but they will also help that you only stick to your diet . This section is  captivating and an essential component of the entire program. It plays a key role by enabling you to scale through the challenges related to willpower. Brian offers straightforward alternatives that assure you a fail-proof success.

The success of weight loss is born right from the right mindset. When you can maintain that proper mindset, then your quest for weight loss becomes less stressful and more enjoyable like never before.

Who is The 3 Week Diet intended for?

The weight loss diet plan is meant to help everyone who wants to lose weight and get faster results. Since the diet plan only consists of proper food, it may be followed by individuals of any age.

Does the Three Week Diet Plan work?

Going by the various personal reviews of the previous users of the diet plan, the program works very efficiently. Can it work for you? It should, if you strictly follow the plan, learn how to adapt to the new lifestyle and complete the three weeks. You might not lose thirty plus pounds within this period. But if you shed off just a few pounds, it could be the first step toward a sustainable and healthier life. When you maintain a healthy eating as indicated on the plan, you will lose more weight and reach your weight loss goals quite easily.

What are the Benefits of the Three Week Diet?

  • Immediate reduction in your body weight.
  • Inches from your waistline.
  • Increased muscle tone.
  • Decreased cellulite.
  • Increased energy.
  • Reduced levels of cholesterol.
  • You’ll become more energized and confident.

3-week-diet-reviewsThe Pros

  • Each and every step is precisely organized in the different sections. The content is easy to read and comprehend. The information is written with the so-called ‘average’ user mind.
  • It comprises of very short, result oriented exercises.
  • The plan not only helps you to get rid of your unwanted weight, but it also helps in teaching your brain and overall body to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • Immediate and proven results with customer reviews speaking positively about the course.
  • All scientific studies back it as an effective weight loss procedure.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

The Cons

Even though the plan is a highly effective program, a few users have noted the following negative sides.

  • It is only available in a PDF format.
  • You’ll have to be committed. The program is far from being a magic pill solution which you can use to shed off your weight overnight. You’ll need to stick to it and make it a lifestyle to get the lasting results.

The Bottom Line


Many people are struggling with weight related problems. However, with the Brian Flatt’s three-week diet plan, you can quickly lose your unwanted fat and be the best version of you. Packed with physical and mental advice, proven scientific research, eating plans for every program session and useful recipes, you can take advantage of the years of experience Brian has accrued, and start a new journey toward living a healthier lifestyle.

More importantly, you will get the benefits of the well-tailored mindset makeover. The manual goes an extra mile in aiding you to learn and understand the tips of setting and following goals so that you remain motivated.

With a 60-day money guarantee, you’re not risking a penny but a moment of your time. And please – take it for a spin for the full 60 days before you decide one way or another. Are you ready to put an end to your body image and weight loss struggles once and for all? Click the link below to get a discount and instantly download The 3 Week Diet.