Metabolic Cooking Review – Can Metabolic Meals Really Help You Lose Weight?

meetabolic diet - reviewThe food we eat affects and influent our physical, mental, and social health. Almost everything you choose to consume will directly or indirect has an impact on your body, brain, mood, and spirit.

Depending on how and what you eat, you can lose or gain weight, build muscles or experience food-related illnesses.

Metabolic Cooking introduces you to new tricks of how you can prepare delicious and healthy foods that will also boost metabolism (a.k.a. promote weight loss) – all at the same time!

Having said that, the Metabolic Cooking isn’t for everyone. But I think you can be the best judge of that. Read on to see if Metabolic Cooking is your health & diet resolution.

A Look at the Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic cooking is a recipe program consisting of 9 individual cookbooks with up to 250 recipes and almost 20 bonus books that will increase your body’s fat burning rate. Not to mention the epic bonus materials such as fat-burning deserts, paleo recipes, post workout shakes, 5-minute delicious creations (my favorite), and a lot more surprising bonuses you will LOVE. $49 one-time cost.

In addition to the recipes included in the package, it provides you with a wealth of information on food, diets, and healthy eating. The nutrition information of what you put into your body is at your finger tip – THAT is worth the $49 cost.

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What is included in the Metabolic Cooking?

  • 9 cookbooks with 250+ recipes – This is the main section and provides you with recipe tips that will make cooking better.
  • Several food topics including Breakfast, Fish and Seafood, Pork, Smoothies, Vegetarian, Snacks, Side Dishes, Red meat, and Poultry.
  • Guide to fat loss optimizer – This section of the program takes you through the ten necessary rules of metabolic cooking, best fat-burning fats, and grocery suggestions and how to use NutriProfile.
  • Guide to Metabolic Thermo-Charged Seasoning – This section offers you seasoning blueprint that is sodium free so that you can make your meals tasty without adding sodium.
  • Quick Sheets – This section summarizes the primary points of metabolic cooking such as grocery buying list, a cooking glossary and food log that will help you maintain the program.
  • Epic bonus materials of almost 20 bonus books in addition to the primary 9 cookbooks, including paleo recipes, lean and healthy breakfast, 5-minute delicious creations, tasty meals on a budget, fat-burning deserts, and more…

Meet the authors

metabolic cooking reviewMetabolic Cooking is put together by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. Dave is a nutritionist, fitness coach, a bodybuilder and the publisher of the Anabolic Cooking program.

Karine Losier’s love of food had given her a nickname of “The Lean Kitchen Queen.” Karine has a master’s degree in psychology. Her primary specialty is to help overweight people overcoming their diet struggles.

How metabolic cooking program works

Metabolism is simply the way your body converts food to energy. If your metabolism is low, your body won’t be able to burn calories faster and vice versa. The extra fat that remains will get stored in fat cells so that your body can use them later.

Metabolic Cooking helps you understand that there are some foods you eat that will encourage your body to burn fat FAST as well as those that will help accumulate fat.

The authors call these types of foods, High-Metabolic Thermo Charge. These ingredients will keep your body in a fat-burning mode making it easy for your body to get rid of excessive fat. This cookbook is intended to help you avoid fat-adding foods and choose the fat-reducing ingredients for faster muscle building and fat burning.

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  • FatLossOptimizer - metabolic cooking - fat loss cookbookEasy-to-prepare and tasty recipes – Most cookbooks will encourage you to drop your favorite foods without considering your lifestyle. Most of the “healthy” recipes do not taste good. Metabolic cooking offers you more than 250 recipes that will not only help you burn fat and build muscle but are also so yummy.
  • Customizable to all body types and lifestyles – If you’re worried about having to reduce the size on your plate or avoid almost all your favorite foods, worry no more. That is what differentiates Metabolic Cooking from other “healthy” cookbooks. Regardless of your appetite or lifestyle, you can customize the metabolic cooking to meet your needs.
  • Detailed nutrition information – Most diet programs will just give you a list of recipes and tell you that they are good for your health. If you are as curious as me, you will want to know the composition of these ingredients that makes them better than other foods. Metabolic Cooking focuses on helping you understand not only how you will benefit by preparing these recipes, but also the ingredients in them including the calorie count, carbs, fat as well as protein. You are aware of what you eat when you eat out or at a friend’s house. This program aims to be a lifelong, continuing daily diet resolution.
  • Supplement Guide – The truth is, there are tons of supplements in the market you can buy. Unfortunately, it is hard to distinguish between the ones that work and those that are useless. The Metabolic cookbooks also offer you a guide to purchasing supplements including how they work and things to avoid.
  • Simple instructions – One thing I like most about these two authors is that they don’t complicate things like many other cookbooks out there. They use simpler terms and easy-to-follow instructions. Each recipe includes between 5-10 steps; you won’t have to try to figure out which ingredients to use as substitutes.
  • 60-day money back guarantee – I think you will agree that most cookbooks won’t allow a full 60 day money back guarantee. Dave and Karine stand by their cookbooks and are confident that you will love Metabolic Cooking – or money back. You are not risking a penny here.

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  • No workout tips to go with the diet plan – Losing weight is 80% diet, 20% exercise. Metabolic Cooking is missing the exercise piece. Unless you are a gym-goer or planning to hire a personal trainer, you will probably want to look for an exercise program to achieve a lean, toned body with some attractive muscle definitions.
  • It can be a bit overwhelming – When you purchase Metabolic Cooking, you will get more than 20 books. You get your money worth. But I have to admit that it can be a bit overwhelming without a primary book to help you navigate the books, what to read first and last. I ended up skimming through the package, pick and choose books of interest, bookmark what I’d like to try first, and go from there.

Should you buy metabolic cooking?

metabolic diet plan - weight loss cookbooksMetabolic Cooking is definitely worth the purchase of $49. Not only will you receive 9 cookbooks filled with more than 250 recipes, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the almost 20 additional cookbooks. Metabolic Cooking is easy-to-follow and customizable to your appetite and lifestyle. You cannot say the same thing for other cookbooks in the market.

In today’s world not many people care about what they eat. Food stores sell processed foods with high amounts of sugar and calorie. Sometimes eating a whole can, you will have taken twice the amount of calorie you could have gotten by clearing two full plates of food.

With the fast 60-day 100% refund policy, why not give it a try? You will get to see the FULL product before deciding one way or another. Although I doubt that you will need it.

I hope this review provides you with the information you need to decide whether or not Metabolic Cooking is your diet resolution. I am more confident than I’ve EVER been in my life that this is the LAST healthy cookbooks you will ever need.

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